General Oilfield Pipeline Construction

General Oilfield Pipeline Construction

At Core Oilfield Services, it is very important for us to protect our personnel. We have built a safety program that mirrors the qualities that have helped us be successful. Our employees are determined to carry this kind of excellence into the future for all our customers.

Our Services

  • Pipeline services.

  • Pipeline construction.

  • Oilfield construction.

  • Pipeline maintenance.

1. Pipeline Construction

We provide gathering, upstream, midstream, and distribution construction services for oil and natural gas pipelines. Our core competencies in professional construction have helped us earn a reputation and we are able to offer our services from North Dakota to Texas. Our experienced staff works to achieve the highest levels of safety and quality on each project, ensuring that oil and gas pipelines can withstand extreme pressures and environments with long-term reliability and safety.

2. Welding & Fabrication

We provide full service fabrication and installation of oil and gas fabricated and structural steel. Furthermore, we provide full-service fabrication and installation of oil and gas fabricated and structural steel along with supplying hydro-testing and pipeline supports.

3. Reclamation

Core Oilfield Services provides reclamation services. Our primary goal is to restore site stability and ecosystem functions, returning disturbed lands to their original use or use before disturbance, such as crop production or wildlife habitat. The benchmark for successful reclamation is the establishment of a native plant community that is self-sustaining and meets standards for density and forage production in addition to the re-contouring of all disturbed surface areas to match or blend with the original landform. The following services are offered to maintain and create such environments: